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Career in Daimler Truck

Boost your career and join us!


Daimler Truck Customer Services & Parts has an individual approach to each employee. We live a modern company culture and encourage our employees to truly reach their potential. Our company benefits greatly from the dedication and professionalism that each of us brings to work. Therefore, we want to be not only an employer but also a partner in your career.

Job opportunities

Our office

Office space of DTCSP reflects its values focusing mainly on teamwork, innovation and personal approach. It enables employees to work and cooperate in various spaces designed for different modes of work. Kitchenette as a heart of our office is surrounded by meeting rooms, open office, silent boxes and also a relax room. Variability of our office can satisfy all needs and fosters great company culture. 

Q&A for candidates

If you are interested in one of the listed positions, please apply directly via advertisement.

If you do not find any open position that suits you, keep watching our career pages for new opportunities.

We carefully evaluate each profile and look for the right match. It is not necessary to apply for multiple positions. We will clarify which position would suit you during our first contact.

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