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Who are we?

Daimler Truck Customer Services & Parts s.r.o. is a young entity 100% belonging under corporate brand Daimler Truck. Based in Prague, company steers worldwide logistics of spare parts and provides customer services for important customers of Daimler Truck. What makes the company exceptional is not only high quality of professional services but also its unique company culture. 

Our motto is “Serving the world from the heart of Europe”.

18. 7. 2017
18. 7. 2017

Day of founding our Czech legal entity. 

Official entity
Official entity

We are 100% owned by Daimler Truck AG. 

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120 employees
140+ employees

Our company is constantly growing and evolving!

Worldwide business
Worldwide business

Our business is based in Prague but targets worldwide customers. 

Our values


Our pioneering spirit is driven by our power to innovate and our openness to change. We encourage creativity and “out of the box” thinking to develop novel solutions and possibilities.


We are appreciative and empathetic toward our colleagues, customers, suppliers and external partners. We individually and collectively trust each other, acting as a team and welcoming diversity.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and adhere to these standards regardless of the circumstances. We are committed to the ideals of sustainability, which represents profitable growth.


We focus on results, always looking for solutions with the determination and tenacity to succeed. We actively share best practices from all parts of the company and constantly seek opportunities.


At Daimler we are committed to excellence. To facilitate, enable and sustain this commitment, we want to create and live a culture of excellence.